so to speak summer 2015 issue

art + writing by: Katie Hogan / Jennifer MacBain-Stephens / Jane Lewty / Sophia Galifianakis / Loretta Oleck / Meg Eden Kuyatt / Madelyn Garner / Denise Duhamel + Julie Marie Wade / Molly Sutton Kiefer / Jenny A. Burkholder / Melanie Figg / carly gates / Michelle Brown / Stephanie Dickinson / Aurora Masum-Javed / Caitlin Scarano / Karen An-hwei Lei / Stephen Skowron / Brynne Rebele-Henry / Melanie Batchelor / Rachel Martin / Lise Lacasse + J.T. Townley / Dawn Newton / Read More >



The Derailment of the Mikado

Dawn Newton

Ten minutes before the program was scheduled to begin, the Mikado rested on its side—black, sleek, and quiet. The technician stood on a stool, leaning in over the Plexiglas which enclosed the exhibit, his perch precarious. “That train was off the track the last time we came here,” Jason said. He and his mother sat in the small gray exhibition booth, waiting. Dust filled the …

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Death of the Little Self

Molly Sutton Kiefer

There are no I’s in these poems / there are only eyes in these poems. My gaze is exact, though my reliance is on another layer, another fold—I take these stories from the evening news, from the digital newspaper reports. My images come through a glass lens, the distance of mechanics complete: camera’s wandering eye, the flattened landscape of a monitor. I think, over and over: This isn’t my story to tell.

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Leda, Eurydice, and Diana

Alex Ledford

I’ve spent more than a little time wondering what would happen if famous mythological figures were fleshed-out by ACTUAL women, who know that our brains and feelings don’t just work in black-and-white.

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Speaking with Arati Warrier

Holly Mason

I think it’s really important to recognize some of the issues I write about are bigger than myself. So if I’m able to connect on a bigger scale (whether that be with a community, nationally, or globally), I’ve achieved my purpose. But, I can’t reach anyone if I’m not first being honest with myself.

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Arisa White

Artist Arisa White: Father Can You Hear Me?

Arisa White

For a few years now, working on a collection of epistolary poems, addressed to my estranged father, I’ve been pronouncing epistles like “epistols.”

It is a vulnerable making process to write to a father who has been absent from my life for over three decades—an absence that has required me to listen, and therefore write, in a new way. The collection, dear Gerald, is me talking …

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The Rise of the Asian-American Female Troll

Jean Kim

Should I, as a long-silenced Asian-American female, be proud or horrified at the rise of the Asian-American female media troll? Yes troll, as in someone saying insane, oppositional, provocative things on any form of media, particularly social/internet-related, to gain attention, albeit negative in form?

Many are unfortunately familiar with the bipolar extreme stereotypes of the Asian American female personality: the quiet, submissive Lotus Flower Girl and …

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Will Read for Women is Postponed Until Further Notice


So to Speak Will Read for Women

So to Speak’s annual Will Read for Women benefitting Bethany House of Northern Virginia was scheduled for today, Wednesday, May 6th at 7:00 p.m. but has been cancelled due to the likely arrival of—uninvited– thunderstorms to our rooftop reading at Epicure Café. StS is actively pursuing leads to reschedule the event in the weeks to come, so please …

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Save the Date for StS’s Annual Will Read for Women!


So to Speak Will Read for Women

Did you know it’s National Crime Victims’ Rights Week?

So to Speak is proud to host our annual Will Read for Women reading benefiting the Bethany House of Northern Virginia, a nonprofit organization devoted to empowering women and child victims of family violence.

Please join …

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