so to speak fall 2016 issue

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Traveling Alone

Kate Blackwell

When Patrice Hughes turned forty, her gift to herself was a week in Paris, alone. It was the Eighties, when the married women she knew rarely traveled alone. Her husband had no objection. He was happy to take care of the home front: the house, the dog, their son, Alec, who was thirteen. She and her husband were estranged, though still living together. She knew …

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Searching for Her

M.A. Jay

I knew you were drunk last night. Not by the smell as much as the three times you called me beautiful. By the talk of babies and wishes to give me what I want. By the pink cheeks and the newly brushed teeth and the desire to be near me. By the closeness of your body against mine without being inside it.

And you insisted on …

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Speaking With Anne Valente

Speaking With Anne Valente

Madeleine Wattenberg

Beyond imagination, I also firmly believe in magic as a tool for subversion, of imagining not only other worlds but other possibilities for our own world. Magic questions and destabilizes our sense of the real, and tells a different story from the one we’ve been told.

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Review of Solmaz Sharif

Review of Solmaz Sharif’s “LOOK”

Danielle Badra

LOOK is an important book for an American audience to read, but also for a global audience to read. It speaks to a global refugee dilemma, of a generation of youth that has experienced nothing but war, of poverty and of perseverance against all odds. It is a book for all eyes to notice, for all eyes to not look away.

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2015-16 Contest Issue

2015-16 Contest Issue

So to Speak Editors

At this year’s AWP conference, So to Speak proudly introduced the newest supplement to our publishing formats, the Contest Issue. Get a look at and support fantastic writing through purchasing a copy.

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