Why I Am an Argument

Closing out the Why I Am an Argument series for the year, 1st year college student, Estephanie, speaks honestly about her experiences of being a student, a kid, a woman, and Hispanic in America.

Managing to do both Great in School and Work

I think we have all read articles in newspapers, online, or elsewhere regarding high school drop outs and college enrollment statistics. We have all seen that these statistics show that minorities have the lowest rates on graduation and attending college and even finishing college. According to The National Canter for Educational Statistic, Hispanics actually make up the highest drop out high school rates. That is why I believe when people see Hispanics they sort of look down upon them. Like the time I was at a store, and the sales guy mentioned that I had clear English, which was a weird comment for me. It showed that when he sees a Hispanic, he thinks of them all having Hispanic accents. Or the time I was babysitting, and took the little girl to the park; this lady made a comment to someone else about me having a child at such a young age. I assume she thought the little girl was mine since people think of Hispanic females having kids in their teens. People seemed to give me a surprised expression when I tell them that I am going to college, which is also funny because I think the typical thing to do after high school is go to college. Isn’t it? My point is that I am an argument because I am a minority. When people say that it is not possible to go to school, I can show them that it is not impossible. Even though my family struggled with income, and eventually had our house foreclosed, that never stopped me from finding a way to achieve and go to school. There are always ways to overcome obstacles. For me, I started working, and have managed to do great in both school and work. I can show to people that even if you are a minority, you can go on and do good things and beat the statistics and the stereotypes that people have set for you.

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