What We Have in Common

Artist’s Statement

What We Have In Common questions ideologies of who ought to be what by exploring concepts of unity in diversity, liberty within restraints, and the importance of society acknowledging that irregardless of ethnicity, orientation, body size, skin pigmentation, age, appearance, religion, or political affiliation, a woman is by right allowed to be her own human being.

Alimson Esther's "In" portraying the profile of a woman in traditional African garb
“In” by Alimson Esther (Mixed media and photography)


Alimson Esther's "Common" which depicts three women overlayed with patterns in yellow, red, green, and purple
“Common” by Alimson Esther (Mixed media and photography)


Alimson Esther has a passionate admiration for the art of photography which she employs in bringing her art to life. She has work in Kalahari Review, Qwerty, Uppagus, Literary Yard, and Art for a New Earth. Her current project is designing women art appliques for clothing.

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