What Good Is It To Touch A Wound

if you do not know how to
without emptying it of anxious colors
          we are all rotten with choice

but photosynthesis
is for plants
the wound produces a rainbow
of its own accord.

don’t fall
over a slope that un-yeilds –

          nothing is isolated
in this ecosystem
plant, animal, ether, protein

translate this in another language
you know nothing of and then
touch its words like mirror-work
embossed into a fabric you wear

but if you do not know how to
let the wound remain untouched.

Sneha Subramanian Kanta is a GREAT scholarship awardee, and has earned a second postgraduate degree in literature from England. Her work has appeared in Glass: A Journal of Poetry (Poets Resist), Across The Margin, In/Words Magazine and elsewhere. She is the founding editor of Parentheses Journal and author of the micro-chapbook Synecdoche (The Poetry Annals, UK)

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