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We Come Together

like a tapestry of worn threads. Our feet carry us here: a pilgrimage of shared suffering. Greetings are made, voices break their weary silence, arms

Strange Fruit, 2020

content warning: lynching, police brutality A man was lynched today And like Strange Fruit He swung in the breeze But in the distance A low


Maple, skin, girl I hope your insides Tastes as sweet as the syrup I imagine. You were a symbol of lust, not love, Since the

galaxy, red

From the Archives: “Endlessly”

“Endlessly” originally appeared in the 2019 contest issue of So to Speak. Content warning: mentions of abuse. Endlessly   He isn’t going to answer, but

Cracked ice

Leaving My Abuser: My Adoptive Father

The police are not coming. My birth mother severely punished, Holt Korea protects my birth father still and shames me, “Your birth mother never called

Who Owns A Story?

“Write what you know.” Fiction writers have heard it a thousand times with a thousand different meanings attached. It’s a phrase that, when taken at

Exits and Entrances: Meet the Editors

Part of the So to Speak mission is to recognize that no work is produced in a void apart from experience. That what we produce is inextricably connected to who we are and the lives we live. And, just as we want to recognize this in the work we publish, we want to recognize that the editorial process of selecting and presenting work is connected to the individuals that compose the So to Speak’s staff. We don’t want the name of our journal to obscure the fact that individual bodies and minds work behind the print. With this in mind, I set off to ask our outgoing editors a few things about their time at So to Speak and the incoming editors about their goals for strengthening the journal’s ability to serve in the coming year.