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PRIDE 2017

It is a tradition dating back to 1970, with the nation’s first Pride Parade in honor of the one-year anniversary of the Stonewall Riots. Here in June

After Hours: Social Rituals

Girardi explores the visual and social subjects of the bar through drawings done on site and photographs taken from nights out, happy hours, or simply among the gathering of friends at local bars. Through these drawings, Girardi attempts to mimic and recollect setting, sound, blocks of color, and interaction of the aesthetics surrounding these memories created through the social habits of today’s young urban population.

Fall For The Book 2016

September 25th- 30th is the 18th annual  Fall For the Book Festival! Since 1999, George Mason University and the City of Fairfax have collaborated on this festival

Speaking With DC Artist Jane Claire Remick

JCR: It’s really important for me to work not just with Feminist ideas, but within the structure of the arts community and art ecology. In DC I’m super lucky to be able to work almost exclusively with other people who also identify as women, non-binary, and queer people. I’m very very lucky I think. It’s not “cool” in this century to be militant, but I’m pretty militant—if I know a gallery is showing 80% cis male white men, I don’t want to go there, I don’t want to work with them. I’m trying to figure out professionally when or if it’s worth it to make those compromises.

Pride Month!

It’s June! Which means it’s PRIDE month! Pride weeks, filled with events and parades, are commencing around the nation. It’s a tradition dating back to 1970, with the