Some Poetry Tips for Our Poetry Submitters

Greetings Writers!

We have 1 WEEK left open for poetry, nonfiction, fiction, and art submissions for our 2013 Spring journal!

To help get you excited to submit your poems to StS, poetry editor, Sheila McMullin, and assistant poetry editor, Amber Cook, brought together a few words on what makes them excited about feminism and feminist poetry:

One of the beauties of feminist art is its broad spectrum of approaches, ranging from subtle and understated to overt and confrontational aesthetics. So to Speak looks to publish writing from all ranges of this spectrum, although we are not looking for rants or soapboxes. So to Speak seeks to engage in a feminist dialogue as well as equalize the playing field of today’s literary community. We are always committed to representing minority and counter-culture voices to create a fuller panorama of individual and shared livelihoods.

In general, remember to write from your experience as a feminist, and not only about feminism as an abstract concept. Check out our summer online issues for examples of the types of poetry we publish.

An Informal 2012 Poetry Mission Statement:

• We strive to expand the definition of feminist poetics, curating that definition through the organization of a refined selection process, and accepted pieces to be published in the StS journal.

• We are exclusive to issues affecting female identity, and are inclusive of any writer representing these issues.

• We discover new writers and promote a diversity of voices through unsolicited work to our submissions manager.

• We value multifarious definitions of “feminism,” and desire to be challenged on our conceptions of what feminism is or is not.

• We respect choices of speech, and respect the author’s employment of these choices.

• We are ever piqued by poets pushing the envelope formalistically, stylistically, and linguistically.

• Even if we cannot except work by a particular poet this round of submissions, we are always looking forward to reading more of the poet’s work in the future.

• We create positive and encouraging circles of StS poetry readers to thoughtfully talk about the strengths and potential of each poem submitted.

• We provide comments and feedback on work not accepted as much as time allows.

Good luck to you, and happy writing!

♥Sheila, Amber and the StS poetry reader team

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