Spring 2017

Lithium // Unobtainium

// Unobtainium Science fiction always begins after an unethical decision. For the greater good, greater bad, greater neutrality of some alien race who may or

Letter From One Who Knows

He longed to be surprising,
egged on by mornings dulled
by hangovers and vomit.
His hands were never clean
when he came home from the site.

This Could Have Happened to You

We were outside an antiques and oddities shop, somewhere in New Hampshire, when I said, Look, it’s not my fault, it never was my fault

How it Goes

It would be nice, all these years later, for her to write down how it got to this point. But on her page, there are

This is Not Your Country

In Leila’s Balkan country most people cowered in permanent unease. Anxious about the propuh, an ill-meaning air draft apparently possessed of ambiguously mystical but lethal

Dumb Blonde

  “A blonde walks into a library—” The man starts then stops. He is a man with a big belly in a dark, baggy sweatsuit,

At the Seams

  To see more of Alattar’s work, visit her website Artist Statement   The search for balance is fundamental in my work.  Each piece starts

The Contact Imperative

She emerges wearing a welder’s mask (I try not to stare) because the blood will splatter under her electric drill—a Black & Decker used to

4 Poems

The kind of thing I see in movies/memories when there are dark basements involved. He sat on the small of her back, cupped her chin


for Reshma Qureshi   Mustard flowers stipple the olive and emerald fields as dusty buffalos wallow in shrinking mud pools. Women wash pink dupattas and

3 Poems

Some Guidelines for Women After Tomas and Pilar Andres   Below are some don’ts for women to avoid getting into “trouble”*:   A woman should

Meow Meow

  stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance   The pitter-patter woke Sheila the first night. A rush of footsteps tumbled through her