October News Round-Up

So to Speak is beginning a new monthly feminist news round-up series! Here we will highlight the month’s past blog posts, other feminist related news, and hot topics to look forward to in the next month! We want your input as well! Add a comment on our blog of some feminist related news, tweet, or email us!

This month on So to Speak:

  • Where in the World is Wonder Woman— Undergraduate GMU student, Jen Mach, speaks on the importance of physically strong, mentally strong, independent women role models for girls and adults alike! Using Wonder Woman as her focus, she describes how the comic book superhero tradition abuses, murders, and utterly disgraces so many of their female comic heroes. Read how this has a tragic effect on the ways women are viewed and talked about.
  • Ms.Magazine releases its 40th issue with a revival Wonder Woman cover! Celebrating women’s strength and the power to vote Katherine Spillar,

executive editor of Ms. says, “Wonder Woman has been an enduring symbol of women’s power. We could imagine no better way to urge women to use their own power – the power of their vote – to stand up for themselves and their rights in the coming elections.” The press release states that this special fall issue examines what’s at stake for women in November, including access to safe abortion and birth control, economic security and workplace equity, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and protections against violence.  The issue also provides a detailed rundown on many state ballot measures that affect women’s lives and looks at the record numbers of women running for Congress. To buy your copy go to msmagize.com

  • On Ocotber 15th we closed our submissions period. We are currently in the process of selecting pieces for publication and passing on poetry and nonfiction to our respected judges!

Book Review of Danielle Pafunda’s Manhater and essay from Beauty is a VerbPoetry and Blog Editor, Sheila McMullin, reviewed poetry contest judge, Danielle Pafunda‘s newest poetry collection Manhater from Dusie Press. In this post, Sheila thinks about the intersections of the medical gaze and male gaze as Pafunda writes about in both her poetry and critical essay from the anthology Beauty is a Verb.



  • The StS poetry team got together and posted some Poetry Tips for potential submitters!
  • Guest Blogger, Sarah Marcus, posted a Cultural Critique and Gender Identity essay by her undergraduate student David Bache. A feminist inspired lesson plan, Sarah watched Miss Reprentation with her students and asked them to write a cultural critique. Also posted is a brief description of the lesson plan.
  • From the Presidential Debates we were all shocked to hear where Romney believed women keep themselves with the now infamous phrase, “Binders full of women.” Although a poor choice of wording, we did see people paying attention to the ramifications of language—and become aware of the awesome organizations out there helping women move into higher positions of power.
  • Hilary Mantel wins the 2012 Man Booker Prize

  • This happened in September, but we must applaud! Gazing Grain, the first self-proclaiming inclusive feminist chapbook publisher publishes its first chapbook—The Busy Life, by Laura Neuman. Judged by Brian Teare. Look forward to a StS review of The Busy Life this November by Sheila McMullin.
  • Women Who Rock museum exhibit makes it way to the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington, D.C.
  • Through @SoToSpeakJrnl we tweeted our favorite feminist poetry and nonfiction pieces and collections. Start preparing your favorite fiction works!
  • October 29, 2012: Hurricane Sandy hits Fairfax, Virginia. Federal offices, universities, and schools are closed. If you’re on the east coast and feeling the effects of Hurricane Sandy, stay safe and care for one other! For safety preparedness go to ready.gov.

Upcoming in November: VOTE!!!!!! Go out there on November 6th and exercise your right! Here is your chance to create the world you wish to live in!

Be well,

♥ Sheila

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