November News Round-Up

It has been a slow cyber-month for StS as we’ve been busy choosing our final selections for the Spring 2013 issue! We got a huge lot of amazing art, fiction, nonfiction, and poetry submissions! It reminded us of the strong and vital feminist community we have and can rely on to stand up for equality for everyone!

This month on StS blog:

Geri Lipschultz, 2012 StS fiction contest winner, gave us an insight into Heidi Hutner pursuit and dedication to environmentalism and keeping our planet healthy in her post One Woman’s Journey and the Survival of a Planet.

You voted and you made a difference! President Barack Obama was reelected for a 2nd term and we celebrated what seems like a shift in American’s perspective on openly gay individuals with the election of Democrat Tammy Baldwin as a Wisconsin Senator.

Our stellar intern, Brittney Knight, began the serious conversation of cyber-bullying and suicide prevention on our front page, titled Cyber-bullying and Bullying Prevention. She invites all of you to join in on the conversation. Share resources on how to create empathetic communities and success stories. We are all very interested in learning how to become more supportive and engaged.

♥ Sheila M

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