May News Round-Up

Happy summer! This month the StS team is busy preparing the summer online issue, which will debut in July. The new staff is in place and settling into their new roles: Michele Johnson, Editor-in-Chief; Erin McDaniel, Managing Editor; Liz Egan, Fiction Editor; Jessie Szalay, Nonfiction Editor; and Amber Cook, Poetry Editor. We’re looking forward to a year of reading new submissions and putting together a fantastic journal!

This past month was a month of goodbyes (outgoing staff) and celebrations (graduations). In addition to the change of guard, we’ve had a month of great blog posts:

  • Sheila McMullin, outgoing StS Poetry and Blog Editor, reviews Sarah Vap’s Arco Iris, a “book, at its heart, dealing with conflicting and simultaneous emotions and physical responses when interacting with otherwise lovely people.”
  • Jessica Barksdale,  spring 2013 StS fiction contributor, shares her writing process in What a Blessing. Does gender play a role in her writing? Absolutely. Does she write with feminism in mind? Not always. But by peeling away the layers of her characters, she exposes their “true humanity.”
  • In Perfect People are Boring, Monica Marier, a Tangent Artists writer and artist, guest blogs about the challenges of writing female characters in comics – female characters to which women can really relate. Ultimately, it’s about creating “characters who you relate to no matter what your gender, race, orientation, or lifestyle might be.”
  • Writer and editor Brandi Dawn Henderson invites us into the most intimate of experiences: seeing a family member, not just as a relative, but as a woman with full agency who offers surprises even as she babbles “to stuffed dogs with bows in their hair.” Check out We Girls Turned out Pretty Good.

We’re looking forward to another great month of writing!


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