March News Round-Up

So to Speak had such a fun month! We traveled to Boston for AWP, met new friends and reunited with old! Our Favorite Feminist Reading at Sonsie with Danielle Pafunda, Lara Glenum, Julie Marie Wade, and Moira Egan was fantastic and we partied hard! Our submissions period closed on the 15th and we are all nose deep in tremendous feminist writing and art! We look forward to sharing our final selections with you in the next few months!

Look forward to our annual Will Read For Women event at the Black Squirrel in Washington D.C. on April 12th starting at 8:00pm with readings from Kyle Dargan, Jill Leininger, Mel Nichols, and Kim Roberts and Nicole Idar. Price of entry is a pantry neccessity or tiolettry to donate to the Bethany House Women’s Shelter.

Check out what else happened this month at StS by following these links!

Former StS editor, Alyse Knorr, review’s contributor Paul David Atkin’s book The Upside Down House

and also

We recapped and expanded our understandings of men and feminism, both separate and together.

Happy April!
Sheila M

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