Gay News Roundup

Here is your gay news of the week– the good, bad, and ugly.


According to a CNN poll this week, more Americans are in favor of same-sex marriage than ever before.  51 % of respondents said same-sex marriage should be legalized– that’s up from 44% in 2009.  Good job America!

At a fundraising event in San Francisco on Wednesday, Obama again hinted that his position against same-sex marriage may be changing.  Of course, it is close to the next election cycle and the man was in San Francisco– he knows his audience.  BUT good news is good news!  Maybe we can expect Obama to be an EVEN BIGGER ally than he already is if he’s elected to a second term. 

A rapper named “Lil B” titled his LP “I’m Gay” to spark healthy discussion about homophobia in the hip hop community and to show his stance as an LGBT ally.  Cool, huh?  Too bad he’s been receiving death threats over it.  : ( 

A New Orleans lawmaker has filed a bill to ban LGBT-targeted bullying.  The gay bullying and suicides in the news over the past few months is still keeping this issue in the political forefront, which is so important.

Check out this amazing church in Kentucky that voted Sunday to stop signing any marriage licenses because they give rights to heterosexual couples denied to homosexual couples.  What an incredible ally to have!

A lot of New Hampshire Tea party activists are not that worried about same-sex marriage getting legalized in their state. (Yeah, I know some of this could have been edited and chopped up, but the point is the guy who talks 47 seconds in).

Former governor of New Mexico Gary Johnson has announced his bid for the 2012 presidential elections as the GOP candidate– and apparently he’s a pretty big supporter of LGBT rights!


The Virginia social services board voted down a resolution that would have made it illegal for adoption agencies to discriminate against couples based on their sexual orientation.

Republicans in Congress, led by House Speaker John Boehner, have decided to go to court in defense of DOMA, the Defense of Marriage Act.  Because Obama and the Justice Department will no longer defend the law, the Republicans are hiring an outside law firm that is going to cost all of us taxpayers a boatload of money.

A bill is advancing in the state senate of Tennessee that would make it illegal for K-8 public school teachers to say the word “gay” or mention homosexuality in any way.  So…if Mrs. Dickens the first-grade teacher in Kentucky talks to little Billy about his moms, that is breaking the law?  I guess I’m kind of biased on this one in particular…How to Be Gay and Have Sex with Girls was always my favorite subject in third grade.


Five Republican state representatives in Iowa are calling for the impeachment of the four Iowa Supreme Court justices who ruled in favor of same-sex marriage.  Here is the logic: “Marriage is between one man and one woman and they just up and tried to change the definition of a word and you just can’t do that. Justices don’t have the authority to change the meanings of words.”

But wait…I thought that is kind of what Supreme Courts do all the time.  They examine and rule over the meanings of words in the law to determine how, legally, laws should be enforced and/or defined more specifically.  But this is not the issue here.  What is at issue is that these justices are being TARGETED for ruling for more progressive equality.

Frankly, this news terrifies me.  Justices across the country need to feel like they can rule in favor of equality without putting their jobs on the line for doing so.

Something Else Good to End On

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