Announcing our 2020 Virtual Reading!

So to Speak is thrilled to announce that on Friday, November 6, 2020, at 7:30 PM EST, we’ll be holding a virtual reading with some of our amazing 2020 contributors

A Child of Various Tongues

My Mum is driving. Her skinny body sinks into the leather seats as she takes control of the vehicle. When we turn onto the half-murrum, half-tarmacked road, our tummies rumble.

Authenticating Detail and Disability Narratives

Why does disability matter in a craft essay? Whether we’re aware of it or not, we’ve already been told narratives about disability. Allow me to share a disability narrative of

Who Owns A Story?

“Write what you know.” Fiction writers have heard it a thousand times with a thousand different meanings attached. It’s a phrase that, when taken at face value, means to write

Litany for the Displaced

“What does it mean to be like a rhizome? It means to be without roots, a deserted plant drifting in the desert. In Arabic, to be told you have no

Dreamers I

The streets of Oklahoma were pitch-dark, I thought the power was gone. How come these gringos don’t use light poles? I asked. Saturday at noon. Panic had new meaning. How

This is what war does—

This is what war does— to women— makes them warriors— cuts their breasts stops the gushing of their wombs— changes their nails to bayonets— Their ocean stops the waves Their

Which Love? Which Body?

Which Love?   I knew the tongue but not the weight of the words.   I learned that love—so heavy where I come from it must be solemnized by vows

Necessary Ingredients 1-2-3

Artist Statement: Sinejan Kılıç Buchina has for the last several years been exhaustively working on a series focused on time, material growth and social diaspora. Her practice relies on her