At the Wall of Infinity

Prayers for Magic


Waiting at the Wall


At the Wall


Asleep at the Wall


Crowman at the Wall


Artist’s Statement: Each piece of artwork in the ‘MANDALA WALL’ Collection answers a specific spiritual question which collectively reveal a personal vision. Each artwork is an Akashic record of a Shamanic journey; a puzzle; a portal for those who prefer or do not choose to travel in the astral spheres.


‘WART’ is a prolific Cornish writer with a background in fine art. He’s been an International teacher in British West Indies, Singapore (Principal), Japan and Hong Kong, also 10 years in Special Needs in UK. After 30 years in the Far East he returned to UK and now promotes the artwork of ‘WART’ and creates in London. His stories have appeared in many modest but worthy magazines.

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