A Heartfelt Goodbye from Outgoing Editor-in-Chief Kate Partridge

It’s been tremendous to see the new issue of So to Speak roll off the (virtual) presses this month, in the hands of our new staff. I can’t even begin to say how proud I am of the work they’ve done so far and the plans they have for the upcoming year at StS.

It’s a great privilege to be asked to write something at the end of my time with them—an experience that has been marked by more friendships and conversations than anything I’ve ever done. I am thrilled to have been a part of a community of feminists who not only meet to discuss our selections or page counts, but stay afterward to shoot the breeze about challenges we face as we strive to be better teachers, students, partners, writers, and publishers.

Since I’ve joined the staff, this collective effort to serve as activists in all we do has taken many, many forms: a blog, an AWP off-site reading in the hands of our own brewing aficionado, sitting around a table in the campus pub trying to hammer out a definition of eco-feminism, or stretching out on the floor of someone’s house with piles of submissions being handed around. The variety in the endeavors has been incredibly interesting to watch.

What I am the most proud of is that the new staff is so strong—evidence that the incredible team of editors and readers I’ve worked with has passed their enthusiasm and spirit to the next. I was drawn to So to Speak as a graduate student not only because of its feminist mission, but because the buzz around campus was that So to Speak was, and is, a place where things were happening, where the staff was energetic to explore what the mission of expanding the place of women’s writing in the literary community could really mean.

Being a feminist, to me, means working toward social justice for everyone—a big tent. It has been an honor to be part of a community of writers working toward putting these voices in conversation, and I am eager to see how the next team at So to Speak will bring their own perspectives into the dialogue.

Best Wishes to Kate on her new adventures in Alaska!







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