Month: September 2016

Review of Solmaz Sharif’s “LOOK”

LOOK is an important book for an American audience to read, but also for a global audience to read. It speaks to a global refugee dilemma, of a generation of youth that has experienced nothing but war, of poverty and of perseverance against all odds. It is a book for all eyes to notice, for all eyes to not look away.

Fall For The Book 2016

September 25th- 30th is the 18th annual  Fall For the Book Festival! Since 1999, George Mason University and the City of Fairfax have collaborated on this festival

The Flag Series: Fingers tracing Places of Aspiration

My work often involves the human figure, body pressure, and audience participation. It is propelled by a love for color and movement. These elements are an autobiographical link to my family’s history in the Caribbean Islands, New York City, and Central Virginia.

Two Poems by Sarah Bates

I remember myself in parts. November

morning without snow. Dusty footprints,

no brakes. I remember nothing.

Two Poems by Dorinda Wegener

If Your Family Owned a Mausoleum, then This Poem Would Make More Sense   Your sisters have found corpses: beautiful one in the bath, the

Three Poems by Michelle Lewis

Animul/Flame   Animul owned the sun that beat the back of the gavel-nosed deer. Around us, sweetbread mountains with their anatomical stone stone stone. I

Rat’s Nest

My mother said, my hair was like a rat’s nest, a rat’s nest plucked by a black capped chickadee for another nest or the start

Two Poems by Kathryn Merwin

Body Composition   You wanted me to make you art, capture the way you breathe stars from the sky, disappear into the folds of my


Primitive   Now you want to make her faceless fling the greedy spit of acid splatter domination through iris and cornea gouge socket and cartilage