Month: September 2015

Fall For The Book 2015

It’s the 17th annual Fall for the Book event on George Mason’s campus and around Fairfax, Virginia. And here are some events that might be of particular interest to our So to Speak readers. Don’t miss out on the literary goodness!

Poetry by Hannah Bonner

it is how I think of those antlers,
flexed and bright like the moon, half broken,
a crest of silver that shivers
into the river beyond the field,
through the blue muscle of the dark water.

So to Speak at Fall for the Book 2015

So to Speak is proud to announce, in conjunction with Fall for the Book, Northern Virginia’s premier book festival, we are holding a reading featuring

Reckoning Space

It is a tremendous collision of possibilities and impossibilities. The blurry density of saturated darkness and the eruption of light embedded into the silky skin of Mylar speak to the opposites that exist in us all.

Speaking with Sarah Irvin

I use materials and processes in a purposeful way that is tied to something else I want to consider. I’m hoping to create something poetic and very rooted in my own experience that also leads to some critical thinking.

Staff Picks

Our editorial staff put together a list of reading recommendations for you!

The new So to Speak

This year, So to Speak is proud to announce several of these changes that will take the journal in exciting new directions with regard to our commitment to our mission and tradition.