The new So to Speak

With the school year starting at George Mason, the editorial boards of the various journals of the MFA program have come back together after a summer apart. For every publication, each year is a chance to look at their history and reflect, but also to make decisions that (to varying degrees) change their scope and direction. This year, So to Speak is proud to announce several of these changes that will take the journal in exciting new directions with regard to our commitment to our mission and tradition.

Move to the digital space

For those of you who have been long-time readers of the journal, you’ve seen us transition from print-only to a mixture of forms including the inauguration of digital summer issues. While we kept this tradition alive, we made the choice to move the issue to a more central location—our own website. And, you’ve all been engaging with the writers that we’ve hosted here this summer. Continuing the blog, our Blog Editor Holly Mason has been providing interesting looks into creative work and practice that will continue on a regular, weekly basis. We deeply appreciate your support and engagement with our new online presence.

We have seen our involvement in the conversations surrounding our core concepts increase with the small move we made this summer, and we want to continue to be both a participant and source in the digital space going forward. This means more art, more poetry, more fiction, more nonfiction, and more engagement with you, our reader.

With that in mind,  we’re also moving our fall and spring issues to the digital space going forward, starting with the Spring 2016 issue.

We look forward to speaking with you.

So to Speak in print

This move to the web does not replace our first medium of publication, however. Each year, we hold contests in the various genres we publish, and we want to recognize the work that we select for these prizes and the outstanding work that we’ve published over the course of the year. To this end, in the spring of each year, we will publish a special issue that contains prize winners and select finalists in addition to work that has appeared on our website. We’ve got new staff on board that are committed to making this a truly outstanding issue, and we can’t wait to share it with you come springtime.

To those of you who are subscribers, we’re going to change our subscription model after this issue comes out. Information will be coming shortly.

This also means that there will be a slight shift in how we conduct our contests. Shortly, we’re going to go live with a staggered submission schedule of our contest entry periods—we’ll have them all wrapped up by spring so that we can share them with you in our So to Speak annual anthology.

If you’re a submitter, take a second to read over our new rights statement, located on the “Submissions + Guidelines” page.

More art

We’re glad to welcome our new Art Editor, Sarah Irvin! And, in celebration of our renewed commitment to art, we’re restarting our contest in the visual art genre. Keep an eye out on our social media (and here) for updates on our opening dates.

So to Speak + Fall for the Book

Each year, George Mason is host to the week-long Fall for the Book festival. In the past, So to Speak has co-sponsored events, and we felt that this year was a great opportunity to return some of our attention to having our own reading at the event. We’re proud to announce that we’ll be holding a reading on October 3 at the Arts Tent outside the Center for the Arts on George Mason’s campus. We’ll publicize this event even more as it approaches, but this is a great way to check-in on us if you’re in the D.C. area!

We’ll release more details as the event approaches.

More to come

The changes and updates do not end here, but these are our first steps in continuing the tradition of and establishing a new direction for So to Speak. As with all of the above, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and keep coming back for more announcements to come!

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