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an open letter read aloud to my sexually-assaulted self while I stare at the floor and shuffle my feet

by Jenn Seager

Click the ‘Read More’ link to listen to the author read her open letter – it’s to herself, and it’s to you:

Hey.  I know we haven’t talked in a long time and I’ve ignored you off and on since age 7, but I’ve been hearing a lot about your friends in the news.  You guys are positively dominating social media!  A hashtag even! …

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Date Rape Actress | How to Be a Woman | by Andrea Rogers

by Andrea Rogers

Date​ ​Rape​ ​Actress

“You’re just an empty cage, girl,

If you kill the bird”

– Tori Amos, “Crucify”


At sixteen, she felt it

when the man gave her

moonshine: that slowing

of blood, strange feeling

of floating out.


And so she became a bird,

buoyed, looking upon the body;

saw it groped, kissed,

discarded, propped against

a tree, mindless, poisoned.


The body, thawing, rocked

back and forth ’til morning, when,

the vomit drying on its …

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My Scars by Sarita Hacohen

Sarita Hacohen

I was two or three years old, and nice Mr. Rubinstein, our elderly neighbor from the next building, was my babysitter.  I remember lying across his knees while his hand patted my baby tushie in soft strokes. The next thing I remember is all the lights blazing and my mother screaming and screaming.

I was eight years old, walking home from school with my younger brother. …

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