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Butterfingers are Revolutionary | by Athena Dixon

by Athena Dixon

Over the years I chastised myself for being naïve, for inviting him to stay the weekend. That second guessing is what stopped me from telling anyone and stopped me from reporting it to the campus police. I couldn’t be convinced I wouldn’t be blamed. And I think part of me was concerned the carefully constructed woman I was becoming would be undone.

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#MeToo series,Blog,Creative Work

No One Special | by Tammie Wilson

by Tammie Wilson

He tapped into all of this. He also took his time to make me believe how special I was in his eyes. He didn’t sweep me off my feet. He was much more thorough than that. He invested praise, time, and money in me. He convinced me he loved me, and that anything he asked of me came from his love for me…

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