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Artist Feature: Courtney Kessel

Courtney Kessel

In partial protest, I am putting the mother in the gallery. She is not the idealized mother painted with glowing beams of light smiling down at her child, but the real, subjective, elated, grumpy, sexy, frustrated, proud mother who wishes to express herself in that space, not to be spoken for. I’ve been thinking, researching, and making work along these lines for ten years. In …

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Stalagmite Sculptures

Nina Kossman

I was inspired to make these sculptures after visiting Drach Caves in Mallorca, where stalagmites and stalactites seemed to resemble groups of people. While I was surrounded by this nature-made art, I wanted to emulate nature. Stalagmites are created by the dripping of dissolved calcite over thousands of years; this is what moved me to make these sculptures using the drip method.

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