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The Second Week of Teaching First Grade | Abigail Conklin

by Abigail Conklin

Hey, new girl.
You do yoga, right?

We oughta have a staff
art class. Get you
to model naked.

an apple in your



Abigail Kirby Conklin lives and works in New York City, where she is a writer, education developer, and program manager. Her work has been featured with various publications/projects, including The Lampeter Review, Flumes Literary Journal, …

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#MeToo series,Blog,Creative Work

Show Me a Man | by Ona Wang

by Ona Wang

Show me a man who has never pushed when someone said no
Who has never covered up violence
Who has never sheltered an abuser
Who has never been so afraid to face the truth that he turned his back


Show me a man who has never made of someone soft, an inanimate thing
by ignoring voice
or choice
or humanity


Who has never seen a body as an object to own
Who has never …

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