Nonfiction,Online Issues,Summer 2018

Find Me In Between

Natalia Conte

Sitting cross-legged on the guestroom daybed, Aunt Diana looked a bit like her namesake goddess. She had unbuttoned the top of her blouse so that the white parted like a soft curtain revealing her breast, infant cousin Will’s mouth molding so tightly to her nipple, it formed a rosy entity. I had wandered away from my parent’s dinner party, a curious toddler wondering where her …

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Nonfiction,Online Issues,Summer 2018

February: A Timeline in 28 Parts

Isabella Marie Garcia


The First

I really need to choose one specific day every week to wash my clothes.

My current method hails from the world-renowned

“Wait until you have nothing left to wear but one dirty towel” School of Laundry.

I had to heap everything into the basket with my hair still wet from the shower.

The Second

At …

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Fall 2016,Nonfiction,Online Issues

House Guest

Annalise Mabe

I saunter slowly through the aisles of annuals and poppies, past flowering cacti and tiny Christmas trees following Michaelene in the Lowe’s Garden Center on a Friday night. It’s already dark, the cold wind swimming. Michaelene reaches an arm, long and slender, to touch the needly leaves.

“I want a live one,” she says. “Not one that’s dead.”

I follow her through the shadows, the unlit areas …

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Fall 2016,Nonfiction,Online Issues

Searching for Her

M.A. Jay

I knew you were drunk last night. Not by the smell as much as the three times you called me beautiful. By the talk of babies and wishes to give me what I want. By the pink cheeks and the newly brushed teeth and the desire to be near me. By the closeness of your body against mine without being inside it.

And you insisted on …

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Fall 2016,Nonfiction,Online Issues

Essays on Production

Kristina Marie Darling


That winter, I took up writing in an attempt to forget the countryside.  My first play, carefully parsed out into eight acts, took place in a forest glittering with fresh sleet.  The foliage dead beneath its luminous exterior.  Faint music, then a long silence. Ophelia appears beneath a broken branch, seated on a tree halved by the storm.  Her dress is ruined.  Still, she looks …

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