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Litany for the Displaced

“What does it mean to be like a rhizome? It means to be without roots, a deserted plant drifting in the desert. In Arabic, to

Speaking With Kaveh Akbar

In this interview, Kaveh Akbar speaks with us about Divedapper (his project dedicated to featuring interviews with major voices in contemporary poetry), celebration, influence, process, and reading recommendations!

Speaking With Oliver Baez Bendorf

In this super rad interview, conducted by Madeleine Wattenberg, we hear from Oliver Baez Bendorf about his collection of poetry The Spectral Wilderness, zines, library usage, and book recommendations.

Speaking With Robin Richardson

Robin Richardson is the author of two collections of poetry, including Sit How You Want forthcoming with Vehicule Press. She is also Editor-in-Chief at Minola Review. In this post, assistant blog editor, Madeleine Wattenberg, speaks with her about unsympathetic poetry, the value of ugliness, and the relationship between written and visual art.

Speaking With Anne Valente

Beyond imagination, I also firmly believe in magic as a tool for subversion, of imagining not only other worlds but other possibilities for our own world. Magic questions and destabilizes our sense of the real, and tells a different story from the one we’ve been told.

Navigation Press

Navigation Press (established in 2006) brings artists with national and international reputations to work directly with our students in the creation of an original edition of prints. “The creation of an edition this large could not be done by one person, it is important that students learn about the community of a printshop.”

Speaking with Arati Warrier

I think it’s really important to recognize some of the issues I write about are bigger than myself. So if I’m able to connect on a bigger scale (whether that be with a community, nationally, or globally), I’ve achieved my purpose. But, I can’t reach anyone if I’m not first being honest with myself.