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For Coq au Vin

Chef’s Knife The knife shriek shriek shrieks against the rod. Fluorescent light, bouncing, highlights the grain, smearing brightness on the white subway tiles. We are

Mar y Sol

Marisol’s daughter, Jaquelin, turned 19 yesterday.  She and her 15-year-old brother have been pacing the pea-green fluorescent-lit hallways of the intensive care unit for days. 

A Reading For Change

Update! The So to Speak benefit reading for Casa Ruby was a powerful event! Thank you to all who attended and donated. We received TWO carloads

Novelty Fades

She kept her head down, noting pieces of chrome, the crunch of sandal on pebbles on asphalt, the sound of whirring cars, a dead hawk with its pure white breast ripped apart and wings frayed every which way.

The Interview

“Oh yes, there was a famous woman organizer who lived on Evans. If she’s still around, she would be very old now. Older than me,” said Sister Jonnie smiling.

This piqued Valerie’s interest. It could be possible to have an interview.

The Housewife’s Huffing Club

Step five. Place mouth over nozzle. Inhale deeply. Enjoy the buzz that follows and repeat as needed. Huff on, bitches.

So to Speak Fiction Contest Results

So to Speak is excited to announce the winner and finalist from this year’s Visual Art contest, judged by Emily St. John Mandel, award-winning author of Station Eleven.

Staff Picks

Our editorial staff put together a list of reading recommendations for you!

Endlessly Repeating

Slowly and deliberately, her lips began to move. Soft words fell from her mouth and were cast out to sea by the deafening sound of the ocean’s lullaby. Her eyes steadfastly held their gaze. Her strong, tanned shoulders squared off in defiance with the immensity before her.