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Mar y Sol

Raluca Ioanid

Marisol’s daughter, Jaquelin, turned 19 yesterday.  She and her 15-year-old brother have been pacing the pea-green fluorescent-lit hallways of the intensive care unit for days.  Their mother’s body teeters precariously on the verge of extinction.  Her body was once their body, a dark laboratory of creation in which their fingers and toes and neurons were hatched.  Now, she rests immobile amidst a spider’s web of …

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A Reading For Change

Holly Mason

Update! The So to Speak benefit reading for Casa Ruby was a powerful event! Thank you to all who attended and donated. We received TWO carloads full of donated goods, as well as funds to help Casa Ruby pay some bills. Epicure Cafe was packed with love and goodness, with warmth and generosity. Thank you to our four incredible readers! Thank you to our wonderful ASL translators.

And …

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Fiction,Online Issues,Spring 2016

Novelty Fades

Laurette Folk

She kept her head down, noting pieces of chrome, the crunch of sandal on pebbles on asphalt, the sound of whirring cars, a dead hawk with its pure white breast ripped apart and wings frayed every which way.

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Fiction,Online Issues,Spring 2016

The Interview

Alice Elizabeth Rogoff

“Oh yes, there was a famous woman organizer who lived on Evans. If she’s still around, she would be very old now. Older than me,” said Sister Jonnie smiling.

This piqued Valerie’s interest. It could be possible to have an interview.

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