Online Issues,Spring 2016,Visual Art

Artist Feature: Jane Hugentober

Jane Hugentober

Jane Hugentober is an American artist. Born in Indiana, Jane lived in New York City and currently lives and works in Los Angeles, California.

Jane graduated from Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana and studied Fine Arts Painting at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York. Jane received her Master of Fine Arts, in Painting and Drawing, at University of California, Los Angeles, June …

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Online Issues,Spring 2016,Visual Art

Artist Feature: Courtney Kessel

Courtney Kessel

In partial protest, I am putting the mother in the gallery. She is not the idealized mother painted with glowing beams of light smiling down at her child, but the real, subjective, elated, grumpy, sexy, frustrated, proud mother who wishes to express herself in that space, not to be spoken for. I’ve been thinking, researching, and making work along these lines for ten years. In …

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Embracing The Power of Artistic Practice

Holly Mason

In preparation for this particular exhibit, I found myself exploring a hidden chest of feelings about that very far away world, a place from which I’ve been bitterly estranged. Here, I have attempted to piece together or transcribe my personal truths through the appropriation of whimsical imagery and natural elements, juxtaposed against heavier, and often autobiographical themes. Each piece harbors a life of its own, one that is fragile and mortal, just like ours.

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