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Artist Feature: Courtney Kessel

In partial protest, I am putting the mother in the gallery. She is not the idealized mother painted with glowing beams of light smiling down

Artist Feature: Robert Mertens

Lying at an intersection of pedagogy, technology and post-minimal Fiber Art history, the performance installations I create explore ideas of failure, fidelity, language, transmission, and progress.

Embracing The Power of Artistic Practice

In preparation for this particular exhibit, I found myself exploring a hidden chest of feelings about that very far away world, a place from which I’ve been bitterly estranged. Here, I have attempted to piece together or transcribe my personal truths through the appropriation of whimsical imagery and natural elements, juxtaposed against heavier, and often autobiographical themes. Each piece harbors a life of its own, one that is fragile and mortal, just like ours.

Meet StS Art Editor

  Sarah Irvin graduated from the University of Georgia with a BFA in Painting and Drawing in 2008.  Her work has been exhibited in solo exhibitions

So to Speak Visual Art Contest Results

So to Speak is excited to announce the winner and finalist from this year’s Visual Art contest, judged by Virginia Treanor, Associate Curator, National Museum of Women in the Arts.

Navigation Press

Navigation Press (established in 2006) brings artists with national and international reputations to work directly with our students in the creation of an original edition of prints. “The creation of an edition this large could not be done by one person, it is important that students learn about the community of a printshop.”

Reckoning Space

It is a tremendous collision of possibilities and impossibilities. The blurry density of saturated darkness and the eruption of light embedded into the silky skin of Mylar speak to the opposites that exist in us all.

Speaking with Sarah Irvin

I use materials and processes in a purposeful way that is tied to something else I want to consider. I’m hoping to create something poetic and very rooted in my own experience that also leads to some critical thinking.

Stalagmite Sculptures

I was inspired to make these sculptures after visiting Drach Caves in Mallorca, where stalagmites and stalactites seemed to resemble groups of people. While I was surrounded by this nature-made art, I wanted to emulate nature. Stalagmites are created by the dripping of dissolved calcite over thousands of years; this is what moved me to make these sculptures using the drip method.