Submit your Poems for the 2012 Spring Contest Judged by Claudia Rankine

Deadline: October 15, 2011

To enter, submit up to 5 poems (not to exceed 10 pages) and a cover letter, through our Submission Manager. The reading fee is $15 and can be paid through our Submission Manager. All entrants will receive a copy of our Spring 2011 issue.

Some writing advice from the poetry editors:

One of the beauties of feminist art is its broad spectrum of approaches, ranging from subtle and understated to overt and confrontational aesthetics. So to Speak looks to publish writing from all ranges of this spectrum, although we are not looking for rants or soapboxes. So to Speak seeks to engage in a feminist dialogue as well as equalize the playing field of today’s literary community. We are always committed to representing minority and counter-culture voices to create a fuller panorama of individual and shared livelihoods.

In general, remember to write from your experience as a feminist, and not only about feminism as an abstract concept. Check out our summer 2011 online issue for examples of the types of poetry we publish. Thanks and happy writing!

♥ Alyse & Sheila


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