so to speak summer 2015 issue

art + writing by: Katie Hogan / Jennifer MacBain-Stephens / Jane Lewty / Sophia Galifianakis / Loretta Oleck / Meg Eden Kuyatt / Madelyn Garner / Denise Duhamel + Julie Marie Wade / Molly Sutton Kiefer / Jenny A. Burkholder / Melanie Figg / carly gates / Michelle Brown / Stephanie Dickinson / Aurora Masum-Javed / Caitlin Scarano / Karen An-hwei Lei / Stephen Skowron / Brynne Rebele-Henry / Melanie Batchelor / Rachel Martin / Lise Lacasse + J.T. Townley / Dawn Newton / Read More >



Blood Flows Upstream

Lise Lacasse, J.T. Townley (translator)

Don’t just stand there in the doorway. Come in! I told Suzanne you could visit because I’d like to talk to you about something. Please, have a seat! Doesn’t it seem like ages since we sat down together, face to face? Why don’t you take your coat off and stay a while? What’s wrong? You don’t seem especially overjoyed to see me. I guess I …

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Boob Party

Jenny A. Burkholder

Immediately, I knew I had made the wrong choice. My own need for transparency and truthfulness had not taken into consideration their potential for horror, shock, disgust, and confusion. My younger daughter cried and wanted to snuggle her head in my lap. My older daughter looked absently around the room. There was a long silence, punctuated only by my younger daughter’s whimpers. This was beyond their comprehension, beyond their level of understanding. I had crossed the line, shown them a monster.

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The Rise of the Asian-American Female Troll

Jean Kim

Should I, as a long-silenced Asian-American female, be proud or horrified at the rise of the Asian-American female media troll? Yes troll, as in someone saying insane, oppositional, provocative things on any form of media, particularly social/internet-related, to gain attention, albeit negative in form?

Many are unfortunately familiar with the bipolar extreme stereotypes of the Asian American female personality: the quiet, submissive Lotus Flower Girl and …

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The “Groundhog Day” of It All: DVAM is Over, Now What?

Karen Koch

For the Houston Area Women’s Center, October was the busiest Domestic Violence Awareness Month in recent memory.  We received a huge number of requests for media interviews, no doubt fueled by the Ray Rice video making headlines and the NFL’s subsequent policy on domestic violence.  As it often seems to happen with this issue, it takes something tragic for people to start thinking, and …

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One Man Reflects on Ray Rice & Mad Bros

Maurice Carlos Ruffin

She had it coming.

She should have known her place.

California shooter Elliot Rodger

Sometimes it seems as if women are simply guilty of the sin of womanhood i.e. not being men.  Violence against women is on my mind.A few months ago, a man in Santa Barbara, California, went on a shooting spree. After he was shot to death by other men, a manifesto was found. In …

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So to Speak Nonfiction Reading Period Extended!


So to Speak: a feminist journal of language and art, has extended its nonfiction reading period to Tuesday, March 31.

We have a wide view of feminism and are particularly interested in expanding our variety of submissions. We’d like to see pieces that embrace or deeply consider unusual perspectives on common feminist topics (the intersection of gender, socio-economic status, immigration status, race, sexuality, motherhood, sisterhood, ), or …

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2015 Fiction Contest Submission Period Has Been Extended


So to Speak is pleased to announce that we have extended our deadline for the 2015 Fiction Contest from March 15 to March 31! Our judge this year is Sarah Creech.

The winner will receive $500, publication in our Fall 2015 issue, and two complimentary issues. The honorable mention entry will be published in our Fall 2015 issue. We welcome pieces of short fiction up to 5,000 words. To …

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