so to speak fall 2016 issue

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For Coq au Vin

Judy T. Oldfield

Chef’s Knife

The knife shriek shriek shrieks against the rod. Fluorescent light, bouncing, highlights the grain, smearing brightness on the white subway tiles. We are not in a subway. You must have realized that. But the subway tiles are the spotless whiteness of chic. If you know about these things, then you know that too.

The knife. The knife sharp and inviting. Its edge poignant, its feel, …

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House Guest

Annalise Mabe

I saunter slowly through the aisles of annuals and poppies, past flowering cacti and tiny Christmas trees following Michaelene in the Lowe’s Garden Center on a Friday night. It’s already dark, the cold wind swimming. Michaelene reaches an arm, long and slender, to touch the needly leaves.

“I want a live one,” she says. “Not one that’s dead.”

I follow her through the shadows, the unlit areas …

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Allison Thorpe



Now you want to make her faceless
fling the greedy spit of acid
splatter domination
through iris and cornea
gouge socket and cartilage
peel skin like moldy wallpaper
crater the nose
flame tongue
hiss the shiny curl
etch that raw slick of bone

She has already married away her name
you keep her from driving
walking alone
owning property
boarding a plane
getting an education
choosing who she loves
and it still remains an honor to kill her

But you forget how elemental …

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Review of Zeina Hashem Beck’s 3arabi Song

Review of Zeina Hashem Beck’s 3arabi Song

Danielle Badra

Zeina Hashem Beck’s  3arabi Song won the 2016 Rattle Chapbook Prize. Of which Rattle says, “This little book will break your heart then mend it.” You can order the book here.

Reviewed here by So to Speak’s Poetry Editor Danielle Badra


Zeina Hashem Beck’s 3arabi Song is a testament to the most …

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Speaking With Anne Valente

Speaking With Anne Valente

Madeleine Wattenberg

Beyond imagination, I also firmly believe in magic as a tool for subversion, of imagining not only other worlds but other possibilities for our own world. Magic questions and destabilizes our sense of the real, and tells a different story from the one we’ve been told.

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