Our nature makes us stronger than they know.

Artist’s Statement

I created this piece of empowerment to show that the strength inside women (purposefully depicted here as non-white) is a natural force that grows in our dark corners, spreads from our feet to lift us, and extends from our fingers to take hold of what we need. The woman’s identity is not the important part of this work, but it’s not erased by any means. Her actions and links to the natural elements are the focus.

Keely Honeywell's "Our nature makes us stronger than they know." A woman stands in the middle of the composition with a snake in her, surrounded by natural elements
“Our nature makes us stronger than they know.” by Keely Honeywell (Digital art)

Keely Honeywell is an artist and writer who lives in Spokane, WA among flocks of wild turkeys.

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