Summer 2013






Spring 2013

Poetry Contest Winner & Finalists

Judged by Danielle Pafunda

Rebecca Dunham, Winner

Caitlin Cowan, Honorable Mention

Laura Grothaus, Honorable Mention

Natasha Murdock

Michelle Y. Burke

Meredith Davies Hadaway

Sarah Leavens

Kristis Carter

Molly Sutton Kiefer

Alison Reed

Irene Mathieu

Jami Macarty

Nonfiction Contest Winner & Finalists

Judged by Julie Marie Wade

Lucy Bryan Green, Winner

Lauren Koshere, Honorable Mention

Lynn Casteel Harper, Honorable Mention


Sarah Seybold

Jessica Barksdale

Rae Paris

Visual Art

Susan Cutts, Cover

Helen Frederick

Lynette Spencer

Fabio Sassi

Alice Jones

Emily Threlkeld

Brenda Parsons

Anita Brendgens

Rahshia Linendoll-Sawyer

Hana Altaratz

Mia Amfenster

Fall 2012

Fiction Contest Winner and Finalists

Judged by Ru Freeman

Geri Lipschultz, Winner

Lisa Duffy, Runner-up

Erica Bauman, Runner-up


Laurel Santini

Jacqui Barrieneau


Julie Carr

Stephanie Luczajko

Paisley Rekdal

Jill Leininger

E. Marie Bertram

Sheila Black

Visual Art

Florine Demosthene, Cover and Contributor


Sara Uribe

Nuto Revelli

Summer 2012

Jeanne Althouse
Amanda Graham
Heather Sappenfield

Nandi Sojourner Crosby

Kimberly Dark
Marta Ferguson
Jacob Oet
Medeia Starfire

Margarita Ríos-Farjat (trans. by Matthew Brennan)

Visual Art
Eleanor Leonne Bennett
Cynthia Brown-Milans
Melissa Jay Craig
Ivan de Monbrison
Elsabé Dixon
Kendall Karam
Jasmine Murrell
Elizabeth Patten
Annette Polan
Lisa K. Rosenstein

Spring 2012

2012 Poetry Contest

Judged by Claudia Rankine

Winner: Anne Marie Rooney

Honorable Mention: Faith S. Holsart

Honorable Mention: Shevaun Brannigan

July Westhale

Jessica Dyer

Leah Horlick

Hannah Faith Notess

Ann Stewart

2012 Nonfiction Contest

Judged by Joanne Omang

Winner: Lauren C. Ostberg

Honorable Mention: Adriana Páramo

Honorable Mention: Leslie Tucker


Robert Kostuck

Liz Warren-Pederson

Visual Art

Nahid Navab

Donna Branch

Eleanor Leonne Bennett

Fall 2011

2011 Fiction Contest

Judged by T. Greenwood
Winner: Sarach McCraw Crow
Second Place: Stephanie Joyce
Third Place: Amelia Edelman

Nickole Brown
Ching-In Chen
Arielle Greenberg
Kim Roberts
Sarah Vap
Ryann Wahl

Rachel Michelle Hanson
Sally Keith
Ellen Piazza
Tawni Vee Waters

Visual Art
Jennifer Anderson
Brooke Marcy
Lydia Moyer
Gwynneth VanLaven

Summer 2011


Todd Fredson: “The Loiterer’s Entrance, a Love Song” (8), “The Sorrow, Like a Wing Birthing Itself” (9)
Jennifer Atkinson: “Canticle of the Rushes” (10), “Milk River” (11), “Canticle of the Bridegroom” (12), “Milk River” (13)
Kateema Lee: “Our Hands” (16)
Rita Mae Reese: “Skate World” (17)
Tonya Russell: “The First Time” (18)
Andy Fogle: “One Ring” (19), “At the Sacker, with Heraclitus & Divorcee” (20)
Elizabeth Harlan-Ferlo: “The Book of Ruth (Venezuelan Border Translation)” (21), “Omnes Habitantes in Hoc Habitaculo” (22)
Paul David Adkins: “Triangle Shirtwaist Fire, 9th Through 11th Floors, Asch Building, New York City, 25 March 111″ (26)
Dean C Robertson: “Letto di Inferno” (27)
Sara Henning: “Tether” (29)
Linda Ann Strang: “The Snapdragon Peace Accord” (30)

Visual Art

Zahra Amirabadi, Featured artist: “Organon” (cover), “Nude Series” (23), “Love Is Born” (24), “Idle Youth” (25)
Janis Sweeney: “Lucchetti di Amore (Locks of Love), Florency Italy” (15)
Beenish Akhtar: “War Paint” (28)

Click here to view the full summer online 2011 issue.

Spring 2011

2011 Poetry Contest
Judged by Arielle Greenberg
Cati Porter (Winner): “Miss Carriage” (7)
Melanie Graham (Finalist): “-5.25 -6.50″ (8)

Lyn Lifshin: “Moving By Touch” (22), “Not Thinking It Was So with Yellow Flowers” (23)
Aviva Englander Cristy: “Slight Pressure” (32)
Heather Angier: “If Topographers Wore Back Braces” (33)
Susan Kurek: “Truth 16″ (34)
y. madrone: “listen, we are coming down to straighten everything out.” (43), “o me yard ran oz” (44)
Kristin Aardsma: “Emergency’s Coming” (57), “The Geode” (58)
Jennifer Steele: “When Forgetting” (67), “Reprise” (68)
Hafizah Geter: “Paula” (79)
Molly Stern: “The frog hollow district” (80), “I am full with your zoo” (83)

2011 Nonfiction Contest
Judged by Michael Sims
Robert Kostuck (Winner): “Bethesda” (11)
Sirena Pepper (Finalist): “The Boogie Man Never Dies” (59)

Kim van Alkemade: “Buddha Tattoo Romance” (35)

Teresa Milbrodt: “Things I’ve Been Meaning to Tell You” (24)
Andrea Carlisle: “Delores” (45)
Sondra Friedman: “Beneath the Quiet” (69)

Visual Art
Deborah Lash: “Jephthah” (Cover), “Ball Gown” (29), “Concubine” (30)
Pamela H. Viola: “The Dough Maker” (20), “All Eyes On You” (21), “Romance I” (85)
Dmitry Borshch: “Daughters of Dust” (41), “The Budding Patriarch” (42)
Liz Sampson: “In the Midst” (56)
Donna Gilroy: “Tattoo” (66)
Kelli Schollard-Sincock: “ ’Zoe – 2′ Walnut Pendant” (78)

Fall 2010

2010 Fiction Contest
Reema Rajbanshi (Winner): “The Carnival” (8)
Abbey Baker (Second Place): “The Only Way” (32)
Meredith Doench (Third Place): “Packing” (66)

Alexis Orgera: “The Black Dress” (18)“The Blue Dress” (19)“Static” (20)
Wade Fletcher: “IWW: Chicago” (24), “Border Exhaustion” (25)
Meg Reilly: “[pay attention: xz didn’t really care to learn]” (30), “[xz said he wanted to wear me as a hat]” (31)
Laine Cathryn Ballard: “Love, Let Her” (48)
Hannah VanderHart: “To Charles Olsen” (54)
Patricia Callan: “Miss Edmonia Lewis, The New Member” (62), “The One” (63)
Leigh Phillips: “Alike” (74), “The Violet Papers” (75), “Regenerist” (76)

Karen Levy: “Appearances” (21)
Elizabeth Gentry: “Appetites of the Natural World” (55)

Visual Art
Monica Bodirsky: “In a Field” (Cover), “Red Room” (44), “Dream House” (45), “False Memory” (46), “Red Chair” (47)
Alice Kettle: “Odyssey” (26, 27, 28, 29)
Stephanie Hunter: “Fellini” (64), “Artemisia” (65), “Surrender” (77), “The Collective Conscience of the Female Pain Body” (78)

Spring 2010

2010 Nonfiction Contest Winner and Finalists
Michele Coppola (Winner): “Polly at the Hometown” (9)
Elizabeth De Sa (Finalist): “The Cost of Self-Defense” (24)
Helen Klonaris (Finalist): “Walking Till I Do” (52)

2010 Poetry Contest Winner and Finalists
Lauren Schmidt (Winner): “Once Upon an Emergency Exit Row” (17)
Marcia Arrieta (Finalist): “today she carries her sword” (30)
Jan Ball (Finalist): “my face emerges from my face” (31)
Simki Ghebremichael: “My Little House” (48)
Sarah Marcus: “Twilight in the Country” (49)
Virginia Schnurr: “Miss Dickinson Encounters the Homeless” (50)
Laurie Blauner: “Doll Disturbed by a Description of Her Dollhouse” (61)
Maureen C. Ewing: “my breasts are lonely” (62)
Emari DiGiorgio: “Lonely Planet: A Tour” (63)
Jane Joritz-Nakagawa: “sonnet: below heaven” (76)
Emily Scudder: “Attraction” (77)

R.C. Smith: “Johnny Faa” (20)
Maya Sonenberg: “Painting Time” (36)
Joy Lanzendorfer: “End of the Line” (64)

Visual Art
Amir Shahlan Amiruddin: “Tanggang” (Cover)
Lindsay Herko: “the settlement between sight and secret” (19), “Maud the moth and moustache tailed mermaid” (33), “I saw a firebird? … one summer night above our city … to bring it back … i make it up” (34), “Our Mendon is their Walden/old loves recycle to the woods” (35)
John B. Bevelaqua: “Aphrodite” (43), “Ophelia” (44), “Ophelia and the Swan” (45), “Affinity” (46), “Red Dress with Goldfinch” (47)
Jesse Lefkowitz: “Persephone” (60)
Vanessa C. Vargas: “from the ashes” (78)

Fall 2009

2009 Fiction Contest
Rebecca Adams (Winner): “Poland, 1952″ (9)
Katherine Ayars (Finalist): “Like the Leg of a Y” (30)
Tara Laskowski (Finalist) “There’s Someone Behind You” (56)
J. Annie MacLeod: “Blink) (71)

Lilah Hegnauer: “Rain” (16), “Rain” (17)
Anna King: “Massacre of Light” (18)
Tricia Asklar: “Wake” (19)
Margaret Bashaar: “Dream Theory” (28), “Her Prophecies” (29)
Jane Downs: “Descent” (37), “The Return” (37)
Sara Nicholson: “from _Hymnal Left in the Mound_” (48)
Jennifer Jerome: “Fire at the time factory” (51)
Katie Manning: “Gospels of the Bleeding Woman” (69), “The Resurrection of Nura” (70)
Michael Hood: “Retell” (77), “When You Fell Away To Find Me, I Found Myself Upping and Found You” (78), “Grace and Savagery” (79)

Cherri Randal: “Jaded Green” (20)
Julie Marie Wade: “Triptych of My Mother, Thwarted Thespian / Auditioning for the Part of her Life / Triptych of My Father, George Bailey in Another Life” (45)
Marcia Aldrich, “Woman, Lying Down” (80)

Visual Art
Archan Nair: “The Golden Ratio” (Cover)
Maria Bychkova: “Untitled” (38), “Cinderella” (39), “The Shape Shifter (Mammalius Kinesis)” (40), “Elena the Beautiful: (41)
Mari Kasurinen: “My Little Batman and Robin” (52), “My Little Joker” (53), “My Little Storm Trooper” (54), “My Little Chewbacca and My Little Han Solo” (55)

Spring 2009

2009 Nonfiction Contest Winner and Finalists
Jessica Daigle (Winner): “Inheritance” (11), “Person Filing” (12), “Bruise” (14)
Donna Steiner (Finalist): “Dragonflies, Perching” (28)
Leota McCown-Hoover (Finalist): “The Hunter” (52)
Meghan Cadwallader: “In the Beginning” (61)

2009 Poetry Contest Winner and Finalists
Robin Carstensen (Winner): “Immer Frue: Inscription on Childhood Photo, Giessen Germany, 1967″ (9)
Elizabeth Gerber (Finalist): “Kirkwood & Tomatoes” (50)
Rikki Thompson Rogers (Finalist): “You give me flowers to say I love you” (49)
Rebecca Ellis: “Lagniappe” (22)
Ashley Nicole Montjoy: “The Crash” (23)
Roseann Lloyd: “One Spring Dream” (27)
y madrone: “Eve” (34)
Kara Olson: “Starting Point” (36)
Shara Lessley:”Self-Portrait as 18th Centure Automata” (55)
Sara Lier: “Moonfruit” (56)
Anna Claire Hodge: “Park and Fulton, NYC with Child” (58)
Erin Ruzicka Trondson: “Greener Grass” (68)

Caitlin Hill: “L’Estate” (15)
Emilia Pardo Bazan: “Laughter (Trans. Thomas Feeny)” (24)
Hannah Kornfeld: “Ace of Cups” (39)

Visual Art
Anne Smoral: “Ophelia” (Cover)
Cassie Swartwout: “Tree Faiths” (21), “Boa #2″ (48)
Julie Fiasconaro: “Peacock” (33), “Wednesday Afternoon” (60)

Mirinda Reynolds: “The Bride’s Deviled Eggs” (37), “The Thousand Natural Shocks” (38)

Fall 2008

Visual Art Contest judged by Janeil Engelstad

Winner: Andrewa Bergart- “2358″

Fiction Contest judged by Leslie Pietrzyk

Winner: Marylou Fusco- “Untold Stories in the Lives of Saints”


Spring 2008

Poetry Contest judged by Marie Howe

Winner: Emily Carr – “yolk (v.)”

Nonfiction Contest judged by Sharon Mehdi

Winner: Kim van Alkemade – “Spinster Punk”

Featuring an Interview with Mark Doty

Fall 2007

Fiction Contest judged by Lucy Corin

Winner: Jennifer Sears – “Foragers”




Spring 2007

Poetry Contest judged by Claudia Emerson

Winners: Shelley Renee-Ruiz – “The Jailed Woman”, Lauren Eggert-Crowe – “Citrus at Nine”, Suellen Wedmore – “London”

Nonfiction Contest judged by Jennifer Lauck

Winner: Laurie Rachkus Uttich – “What the Daughter I Will Never Have Knows”

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