every time i get harassed, an angel gets out of her car with a baseball bat, and that angel is me



Talie_headshot Talie Zrihen is a first-generation American poet from Chicago. They hand make and self publish their works including big words/little mouthgo f(ind) yourself, and this is not a poem, this is an apology, all released in 2017.

Their work addresses both the political and spiritual aspects of their existence;  “I am between genders as much as I am between religions. I don’t believe that makes me any less goddess.”

Talie describes their work as “raw and holy”, using written word and imagery to convey the kind of human emotion that we’re all afraid to wear on the surface.  “This collage was made after an encounter with a white male driving a black BMW went dangerously out of his way to harass me. I truly hope he sees this one day. I’m even willing to educate him.”

Talie is also an activist and the founder of Wellness Bags, a collective that distributes pads and tampons to those in need.

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