It starts with a low sling in your hip

as it rests against the Formica counter.

I follow your hand with my eyes, the in-

and-out of the knife as it uncouples garlic

slivers from the bulb. Why is it always raining

on days su­­­­­­ch as these? Why wasn’t it yesterday

when everything was right?

And why do you ask, without bothering

to look up from the cutting board, am I

happy with our life?

Jessica_head shot

Jessica Moore graduated from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro with a degree in English/Psychology but can’t wait to get back at it. She’s currently applying for her MFA. She lives with her handsome magistrate husband and two pups in their 1917 home where she is learning the meaning of the word “domesticated.” Her day job includes putting out fires and hanging the moon for her furniture company’s customers in none other than the furniture capital of the world, High Point, NC.





Featured Image: Wood Water Wet Rain from Pexels

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