Taxidermy Bride

Eve F.W. Linn

After photographs by Francesca Woodman

Head first from the bottom shelf,
I spill out, sleep-tumbled,
in the yellow eyes of a stuffed vixen.

Here, my body in a chair.
Stains pool by my feet, or is it
my shadow? My shoes wait
Here, my hands sooty as sparrows,
thunder clouds,
and vex.

I look under everything.
I am a case, a box lot,
a windfall.
Sometimes, there are three of me with
the same face.


Eve F.W. Linn received her …

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Two Poems

Melissa Atkinson Mercer

 girl with diagnosis or gun #10

this is where I always think it is | no | this is where it actually is

I don’t know if I’ve tied my dress with bluebirds or with hunger
if I’m hungry for a thing I can have

if when we wed | our sea-filled tongues | we see men walking towards us with the
heads of wolves
or wolves with the heads of …

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Lavinia Explodes

Kate Polak

 As if you can’t lip read.

Cut mute, & love—
the mad season ended at the point I willingly put my lips around wood
to set it in sand. To expose my thin wrists to the elements,
to grotesque embrace, & write.

As if you didn’t know; but made me
spell it out. Made the climax
splinter in my mouth.

Kate Polak is an Assistant Professor at Wittenberg University, where she teaches literature …

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Jessica (Tyner) Mehta

Us and every mammal on earth takes
twenty seconds to piss. Imagine that,
the great equalizer is between our legs
(of course). It doesn’t matter
how many warm beers we forced down
during bumbling pauses at house parties
we never wanted to attend. If we just
got the trots training for a pointless race,
or held our bladders tight as a newborn
because the bathroom was too many
steps away (and we so lazy). We’re …

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Four Poems

Dayna Patterson

Self-Portrait as Jessica with Phoropter and Ursa Minor


It was like following a map
that line by line erased itself
until one day it showed blank.

It was a compass that failed
a little more by the month
till it simply spun circles.

It was a daily change of glasses
fluctuating strength
so that vision fishbowled.

North Star, I could not find.
It dissipated, dissolved,
white heat into day’s white,
in blankness left me blind.


If I had left …

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