Winter 2018

Taxidermy Bride

Eve F.W. Linn

After photographs by Francesca Woodman

Head first from the bottom shelf,
I spill out, sleep-tumbled,
in the yellow eyes of a stuffed vixen.

Here, my body in a chair.
Stains pool by my feet, or is it
my shadow? My shoes wait
Here, my hands sooty as sparrows,
thunder clouds,
and vex.

I look under everything.
I am a case, a box lot,
a windfall.
Sometimes, there are three of me with
the same face.


Eve F.W. Linn received her …

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A Present To Herself

Alison Frank

One day, Mercedes Bernal went to work in a three-piece suit, carrying a long umbrella. A big orchid bloomed from her buttonhole; a thin mustache adhered above her lip. She had expected an instant laugh – that would have been the natural reaction back in Mexico. But the whole office fell silent and stared as she strode through the swinging glass doors, hung her blazer …

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Letter from the Editor

Kristen Brida

Dear Readers of So to Speak:

This is my last issue as Editor in Chief of So to Speak. While it is bittersweet to be stepping down from my post, I am incredibly proud of what my staff has accomplished this past year and plans to accomplish within the coming years.
When I stepped in as Editor in Chief, I knew there were some issues our journal …

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Two Poems

Melissa Atkinson Mercer

 girl with diagnosis or gun #10

this is where I always think it is | no | this is where it actually is

I don’t know if I’ve tied my dress with bluebirds or with hunger
if I’m hungry for a thing I can have

if when we wed | our sea-filled tongues | we see men walking towards us with the
heads of wolves
or wolves with the heads of …

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Lavinia Explodes

Kate Polak

 As if you can’t lip read.

Cut mute, & love—
the mad season ended at the point I willingly put my lips around wood
to set it in sand. To expose my thin wrists to the elements,
to grotesque embrace, & write.

As if you didn’t know; but made me
spell it out. Made the climax
splinter in my mouth.

Kate Polak is an Assistant Professor at Wittenberg University, where she teaches literature …

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