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On Reading and Teaching “Gurlesque”


A simple scan down the table of contents of Gurlesque provides a snapshot of what the movement/aesthetic/poetics is all about. Some of the titles include:


dream life in a case of transvestism

First Date and Still Very, Very Lonely

This Is a Fucking Poem


Boobs Are Real

A Thousand Virgins Shout Fuck Off

Damsel In Undress


Surly Piggies

A Window the Size of Granny’s Forehead

Sunday Morning Cunt Poem

Gurlesque (2010), edited by Lara Glenum …

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Guest Post: “Hooters,” by GMU Undergrad Kirsten Cooper


Last semester, I had the privilege of teaching an introductory creative writing course at GMU. Today, I wanted to share a particularly excellent piece on non-fiction writing by one of my students, Kirsten Cooper. Throughout the course of the semester, Kirsten discovered that writing about women’s issues was a common thread in all of her work–poetry, fiction, and non-fiction. Kirsten wrote about body image, eating …

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Dove-Vendler argument


So, Rita Dove and Helen Vendler have been having a pretty big argument in the pages of the New York Times.  Vendler wrote a slamming criticism of Dove’s anthology, The Penguin Anthology of Twentieth-Century American Poetry, and Dove recently defended it while making some new attacks of her own.

Not sure where I stand on it yet, but I’d love to hear people’s thoughts, since the …

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Judy Grahn and “The Common Woman”


Representing a selection of a writer likeJudy Grahn is no small task. Grahn, a widely-renowned writer and activist, has been producing seminal feminist and lesbian texts in every genre of literature and criticism since 1969. She has contributed enormously to feminist rhetoric and philosophy through her writing and has stood on the front line of many political movements.

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Jane Sexes It Up: The Third-Wave “Barbaric Yawp”


Is it sexist if a woman’s masturbation fantasy consists of receiving a blow job from another woman and orgasming all over her horrified face?

How can a woman be a feminist AND a stripper? A prostitute? A scholar/consumer/enjoyer/star of pornography?

How do the dildo and the act of female ejaculation become powerful sociopolitical symbols for the everyday 21st century woman? And, oh yes—what is …

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