3 Poems

Barbara Jane Reyes

Some Guidelines for Women

After Tomas and Pilar Andres


Below are some don’ts for women to avoid getting into “trouble”*:


A woman should not try; she might end up in trouble*.
She should not wear attire that reveals shape or skin; it is an invitation to trouble*.
She should not be expressive, emotional, or opinionated.
She should not act. She should allow others to presume what is best for her.
She should …

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When My Mother Was a Girl in Montana

Laurel Nakanishi








































Laurel Nakanishi’s work has previously appeared in the Black Warrior Review, Orion, Gulf Coast Magazine, Fourth Genre, Bayou Magazine, and the Montana Natural History Magazine, among others. She is the recipient of a Fulbright scholarship and in 2013, she won Epiphany …

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