Spring 2017

Lithium // Unobtainium

Jessica Borsi

// Unobtainium

Science fiction always begins after an unethical decision. For the greater good, greater bad, greater neutrality of some alien race who may or may not have feet or heads or elbows. Or people who may or may not have butts or faces or conscience. Great heroes to save lovers, brothers, whole worlds, cats in trees. Villains with death rays and bottomless pockets to build …

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Letter From One Who Knows

Zoë Brigley Thompson





















































Zoë Brigley Thompson is a native of Wales but is now Visiting Assistant Professor at the Ohio State University where she works in Literature and Sexuality Studies. She has …

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This Could Have Happened to You

Chelsea Harris

We were outside an antiques and oddities shop, somewhere in New Hampshire, when I said, Look, it’s not my fault, it never was my fault and it will never be my fault. He danced his fingertips up and down the steering wheel and said, It’s over. I don’t want to think about it anymore. Kapeesh? I shrugged and he pretended to take a drag from …

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How it Goes

Erin Lyn Bodin

It would be nice, all these years later, for her to write down how it got to this point. But on her page, there are only the words of Leonard Cohen—words, it seems, everyone quotes now: There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in. She painted yellow and green and blue around the words, to make them her own.
Her throat is …

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This is Not Your Country

Zvezdana Rashkovich

In Leila’s Balkan country most people cowered in permanent unease. Anxious about the propuh, an ill-meaning air draft apparently possessed of ambiguously mystical but lethal powers, their wet hair after bathing, or sitting on cold stairs because if you did – your bladder would catch the ‘bladder flu’. Or, you could get brain inflammation from that un-dried wet hair and die. Or pneumonia. And die …

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