Erica Hoffmeister

Thus began a long period of acceptance: bone marrow nourishes
blood vessels, tortured anatomy, rehabilitation. How fingernails
keep growing after death. Bird’s beaks do the same thing. Can you hear them?
Flowing in both directions—I know this is impossible, but it happens. Often,
a dilation will occur when the insomniac beast wins the battle,
thundering hooves at night rippling under open windows. In waves,
the wind hits each branch one by …

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On Visiting a Friend During Her Manic Episode

Monica J. Claesson

Cross-legged on the hospital bed, you explain to me how every page
in your journal can be read like a palindrome and about the bridge
over the troubled waters of the river Styx and the human sacrifice
in the Shakespeare tragedy and the sunbeams in the R.E.M. music video
and the mermaid cats in the coloring book and the man in the movie
hanging posters on street corners and your …

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Two Poems

E. Kristin Anderson

Eastern Horizon

The morning isolated        the water,
that ten o’clock eventually electrical
where the north gave birth to disaster.
And if we flash on a map,      looping
through home,

                        light fell from the forest,
sirens, birds, harlots     gone to windows
to watch. I slipped down and felt blood,
glittered all night, belly to the serpent,
midnight, the angel, the words.

                                                  I killed
atonement so glittering,     let’s pray on
hands and knees, heart a big red muscle
and earth would be      a …

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Two Poems

Shikha Malaviya


But I’ve decorated my home, she says
And what if they make us leave?
I know it sounds silly, but each painting
I’ve chosen with such care
See this one? It’s of a castle
from a street artist in Salzburg
and my green leather couch, made in Italy
has the shape of my bottom on the leftmost cushion
and my kilim rug from Turkey,
after we bargained for …

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