Dhwanie Priya

“Your mother’s going to hate me now,” he said. I retreated farther into my corner of the porch swing and hugged my knees close to my chest, withholding all the reasons my mother already hated him. She hated him because of the miles and decades which separated his birth from mine. She hated him because he had consumed marriageable years of my life. She hated …

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Cleaning the Mirror

Astra Lincoln

There is a coffee shop in the town where I live which acts as a cultural epicenter. It’s the sort of vortex-y watering-hole-like-place that promises familiar faces, easy laughs, and unsolicited help at crossword clues by people invariably better than I expect. The atmosphere is generally ebullient as people reach their dirt-creased hands between the rickety wooden stools to grab each other’s elbows and shoulders …

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Heavy Fruit

Kayla Queen Dyer

I finished my lunch and emptied my tray in the cafeteria. I was no longer just a weak 6th grader, but had moved up in the world to 7th grade and was experimenting with eyeliner, so things were looking up. I walked outside to the gravel lot behind the cafeteria where everyone would goof off until the bell rang for the next class. Some kids would sneak …

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Susan C. Ingram


There are too many holes. A fist-sized hole in the basement door. Another in the bedroom door. The back window of his car—no window—just a big hole. The glass shards like jagged teeth in the wide, horrible mouth of a mechanical great white.

“A drug dealer smashed it out with a baseball bat as I drove away,” he said one late night as I stood …

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