J. Ryan Sommers

There once was a poor old woman that lived in the foothills of Green Valley. She was not poor in the financial sense. Rather, she was unfortunate by the circumstances of her life, which in turn had also made her old. Her name was Mary Foster and she was known the county over as “The Human Incubator.” You see Mary was pregnant and …

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Killing Cats

Andrea Dejean

 It was raining the morning I woke up remembering that I was supposed to kill the cats. Well, in fact, I didn’t really have to kill the cats. I just had to hand them over to the person who would hand them over to the person who would kill them. And they weren’t ‘cats’ yet, but kittens that a stray had seen fit to lay …

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La Mer

Rudrakshi Bhattacharjee

When they finally arrive at the swimming competition, the daughter’s hands are melting and the mother’s eyes are burning. The pool is too large, at least 100m in length, and is a sea filled with legs and arms and branches of bodies. The shouting is too loud and the outpour of frenzied, nervous words are too familiar as the parents scream ‘where is …

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Left Out

Mimi Drop

Bebe Cohen was ushered out of the screen door, held open by her mother, and climbed down two high steps to the backyard using her hands for balance.

“Go play,” her mother’s face was a wilted jack-o-lantern, drawn inward since early morning.

“But I don’t want to,” Bebe stood facing the door with her toes touching the bottom step. The air conditioner, a shivering box that protruded …

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