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Meow Meow

Violetta Leigh

stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance

The pitter-patter woke Sheila the first night. A rush of footsteps tumbled through her
apartment, back-and-forth past her bedroom door – a staccato like fat drops of rain hitting a tin roof.
She sat up and pulled the sheets over her knees, up to her chest. She tucked her ratty t-shirt tight to
her body, hugging herself. The alarm clock …

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Essays on Production

Kristina Marie Darling

That winter, I took up writing in an attempt to forget the countryside.  My first play, carefully parsed out into eight acts, took place in a forest glittering with fresh sleet.  The foliage dead beneath its luminous exterior.  Faint music, then a long silence. Ophelia appears beneath a broken branch, seated on a tree halved by the storm.  Her dress is ruined.  Still, she looks …

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The Flag Series: Fingers tracing Places of Aspiration

Sukenya Best

My work often involves the human figure, body pressure, and audience participation. It is propelled by a love for color and movement. These elements are an autobiographical link to my family’s history in the Caribbean Islands, New York City, and Central Virginia.

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Two Poems by Dorinda Wegener

Dorinda Wegener

If Your Family Owned a Mausoleum, then This Poem Would Make More Sense


Your sisters have found corpses: beautiful
one in the bath, the other hell
bent on their driving wheel, you say
your corpse has not yet been
behind cabinet door, scythed between
the smooth S-folds of faucet pipes under
sink nor face down, undercurrent, bumping bloated
limbs underbrush in bog water.

Your body has been undertaking the weight
of preposition and place, you …

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