Review of Solmaz Sharif’s “LOOK”

Danielle Badra

LOOK is an important book for an American audience to read, but also for a global audience to read. It speaks to a global refugee dilemma, of a generation of youth that has experienced nothing but war, of poverty and of perseverance against all odds. It is a book for all eyes to notice, for all eyes to not look away.

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A Review of Robyn Schiff’s “A Woman of Property”

Madeleine Wattenberg

In Robyn Schiff’s A Woman of Property, weeds grow through every domestic space. A nail turns the nursery chair perilous. A doe may or may not replace a girl on an altar. Schiff drops her reader at a fluctuating border, though we don’t immediately know it.

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Embracing The Power of Artistic Practice

Holly Mason

In preparation for this particular exhibit, I found myself exploring a hidden chest of feelings about that very far away world, a place from which I’ve been bitterly estranged. Here, I have attempted to piece together or transcribe my personal truths through the appropriation of whimsical imagery and natural elements, juxtaposed against heavier, and often autobiographical themes. Each piece harbors a life of its own, one that is fragile and mortal, just like ours.

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Cry Babies:

Alicia Davis

A Hybrid Personal Essay and Review of Cheryl Strayed’s WILD:

Last night I finished reading Wild by Cheryl Strayed. A rad story about a woman who pushed fear aside and hiked the Pacific Coast Trail by herself. At 11 am this morning, I drove through In-N-Out because I needed a cheeseburger desperately after reading her describe cravings for burgers and fries, over and over.

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