Grab Her by the Heart, Not the Hula Skirt | Chelsea Adams

by Chelsea Adams

The driver’s gaze waits in anticipation for it. We look away. We speak for the one who has no voice.



The hula dancer bobbles on the dash of a four-wheel-drive Ford truck. The dancer’s arms stretch open above her head, seeming to lounge, but she is stiff, and if the wind could blow, we would all see what only her lei and thin grass skirt are …

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It’s the Little Things | Bev Fesharaki

by Bev Fesharaki

My nickname, scrawled
on the picture of a naked woman
on her knees.
The shame.

Little things.



It’s the chubby fourth grade boy
who hollered “fat four eyes”.
I wear contacts, suck
in my stomach, don’t recognize
the thin woman in the mirror.

The bully who snapped
my training bra, bellowed,
“You’re growing ‘em.”
swaggered away sniggering.
My shoulders slumped, permanently.

The surprise vagrant
who displayed his penis
pulsing pink and proud.
I still see it in my sleep.

The law students on the …

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