An Interview with Tethered by Letters CEO Dani Hedlund

Sarah Batcheller

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Tethered by Letters’ founder and CEO, Dani Hedlund.

Dani discussed the inception of Tethered by Letters and its various imprint projects. She noted generational differences in achieving success in the literary field, expressing that she looks forward to seeing the accomplishments of young Millennials. We also discussed the way politics, literature, and art go hand-in-hand, as well as our generation’s drive for activism and …

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My Exploded Ovary, Myself: Why I Wouldn’t Get a Hysterectomy at 20

by D.L. Podlesni

I choose to live in pain. Let me tell you why.

Flannery O’Connor once said sickness was a place, as real and enlightening as a long trip to Europe. If sickness is a country, I am a wellness ex-pat. Sickness has rules, codes, mores. I know most of them. For instance, I know to really ham it up in the recovery room after surgery, …

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Link Roundup: Five Pieces Resisting a Transgender Military Ban

Sarah Batcheller

A note from the StS Blog team:

Last week, Donald Trump tweeted that he intended to ban transgender persons from serving in the U.S. military. While a tweet certainly isn’t law, his rhetoric and the rhetoric from many of his supporters that followed is violent and oppressive. So to Speak strives to combat such rhetoric, which is why we asked our brilliant readers, friends, …

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Artwork by Helen Hofling

Helen Hofling

This piece is extracted from a collection of collage-poems called TENDER THE NIGHT. The collection takes its title from a famous novel, with a notable redaction. When “is” is cut out, “tender” is transformed from adjective—meaning caring, gentle, sweet—to verb: to tender is to offer, proffer, present. Night becomes currency. The collage-poems that TENDER assembles depend on just this style of phase change: excision reaping lateral transformation. …

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