#MeToo series

My Scars by Sarita Hacohen

Sarita Hacohen

I was two or three years old, and nice Mr. Rubinstein, our elderly neighbor from the next building, was my babysitter.  I remember lying across his knees while his hand patted my baby tushie in soft strokes. The next thing I remember is all the lights blazing and my mother screaming and screaming.

I was eight years old, walking home from school with my younger brother. …

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I Do Not Have to Tell You This

Carolina VonKampen

I do not think I belong with #MeToo.

I do not have stories as deep and dark as these.

I sheltered myself. I heard stories. I heard how my family talked about my cousin, pregnant in high school: “So embarrassing.” I didn’t like people anyway; I liked books; I stayed in my room and read. I did not go to parties. I did not have friends. I …

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Poetry by Athena Melliar

Athena Melliar

“Pallid Mirrors”

Pale yellow star-shaped flowers were scenting
the air, the lime fragrance of zest combined
with thyme balm; Zephyr, just orienting
a swarm of bees towards the east, confined
them in its breeze. The tree’s loose canopy
left a dappled shade on the ground below;
the trunk hedged itself with a panoply
of branches growing out of it. The slow,
doddering beams of sunlight were dotting
her legs, wide open, stained with blood spotting.

The …

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A Letter from the Blog Editor

Sarah Batcheller

To our readers,

Recent months have seen an onslaught of discussion about sexual assault and harassment in the media. As survivors come forward and powerful people admit, apologize, step down, deny, and/or lash out, many of us witnessing it all from our devices are reminded of our own experiences and encounters, or those of someone we care about.

Tarana Burke began the “Me Too” campaign years ago, …

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