Speaking with Poetry Judge Eileen Myles

E. Rhodes

As our submission period wrap up & we review submissions for our contest period, our genre editors 
Below, Poetry Editor E. Rhōdes speaks with our judge.

ER: How do you incorporate your conception of feminism into your work?

Eileen Myles: Luckily it’s not very conceptual. I was born female and noticed almost immediately that females didn’t get a very good deal. My feminism has been evolving all my life. I definitely wanted …

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Speaking With Artist Mojdeh Rezaeipour on “Belonging”

Holly Mason

By Holly Mason

Belonging, Mojdeh Rezaeipour’s solo show at Arlington Arts Center, is on exhibit through December 16th. She will be participating in a Gallery Talk about the work on its closing day this Saturday from 1-3pm.  All seven solo artists at AAC for the Fall (one in each gallery) are women.

In Belonging, Rezaeipour plays with space, dimensionality and architectural elements to invite us inside the walls of her learning, as she tugs deeper …

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An Interview with Tethered by Letters CEO Dani Hedlund

Sarah Batcheller

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Tethered by Letters’ founder and CEO, Dani Hedlund.

Dani discussed the inception of Tethered by Letters and its various imprint projects. She noted generational differences in achieving success in the literary field, expressing that she looks forward to seeing the accomplishments of young Millennials. We also discussed the way politics, literature, and art go hand-in-hand, as well as our generation’s drive for activism and …

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Exits and Entrances: Meet the Editors

Madeleine Wattenberg

Part of the So to Speak mission is to recognize that no work is produced in a void apart from experience. That what we produce is inextricably connected to who we are and the lives we live. And, just as we want to recognize this in the work we publish, we want to recognize that the editorial process of selecting and presenting work is connected to the individuals that compose the So to Speak’s staff. We don’t want the name of our journal to obscure the fact that individual bodies and minds work behind the print. With this in mind, I set off to ask our outgoing editors a few things about their time at So to Speak and the incoming editors about their goals for strengthening the journal’s ability to serve in the coming year.

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