Creative Work

Red Mountain

Abby Minor

There was nothing to touch but the same old holding,
that elaborated star.

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Domestic Territories

Holly Mason

Washington DC area artists were invited to consider how they negotiate the use of household space with their children. The work in the show investigates physical and emotional spaces that are separate, shared or disputed. By representing the constant evolution of personal boundaries in specific parent/child relationships, the exhibit highlights topics that are publicly debated but only privately encountered.

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Two Poems by Sherine Gilmour

Sherine Gilmour

No crying in broad daylight on the street,
child warm and sweet in your arms.
There are no eyes in this poem. Not your eyes
judging your child. Not his eyes, not looking at you.

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Cry Babies:

Alicia Davis

A Hybrid Personal Essay and Review of Cheryl Strayed’s WILD:

Last night I finished reading Wild by Cheryl Strayed. A rad story about a woman who pushed fear aside and hiked the Pacific Coast Trail by herself. At 11 am this morning, I drove through In-N-Out because I needed a cheeseburger desperately after reading her describe cravings for burgers and fries, over and over.

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