Creative Work

After Hours: Social Rituals

Christina Girardi

Girardi explores the visual and social subjects of the bar through drawings done on site and photographs taken from nights out, happy hours, or simply among the gathering of friends at local bars. Through these drawings, Girardi attempts to mimic and recollect setting, sound, blocks of color, and interaction of the aesthetics surrounding these memories created through the social habits of today’s young urban population.

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Out On This Red Edge: A Lyric Essay by Abby Minor

Abby Minor

In any case, who would think of the room at home where I used medicine to miscarry, July light in the curtains, bee balm and sunflowers at the foot of the bed? You hear the frogs (you never see them) as sugar-pains tapped out, tapping. The funny thing about storytelling is, leaving things out is very important.

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Three Shorts by Becky Jo Gesteland

Becky Jo Gesteland


She stood at the bus stop, pulling the plastic string that sealed the top of her cigarette pack then shaking the outside wrapper from her hands. Opening the lid, she plucked off the foil and released the paper from her fingers. The bits of plastic and paper floated across the street and landed in the gutter. At home, I opened a box of frozen pizza, …

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Kristina Marie Darling Review + Broadsides

Sarah Ann Winn & Kristina Marie Darling

Scorched Altar is a hybrid master work. Kristina Maria Darling’s fractured bits lent themselves perfectly to “meta” moments. I beg her indulgence and yours, reader, in reviewing this work using Darling’s own phrases, reassembled

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