My Scars by Sarita Hacohen

Sarita Hacohen

I was two or three years old, and nice Mr. Rubinstein, our elderly neighbor from the next building, was my babysitter.  I remember lying across his knees while his hand patted my baby tushie in soft strokes. The next thing I remember is all the lights blazing and my mother screaming and screaming.

I was eight years old, walking home from school with my younger brother. …

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“woman & water” | “fragility” | by Ariel Galvez

by Ariel Galvez

Woman & Water

What is it like
To be a woman?
Is it a bare desert?
Empty, the sand the only thing you have
To offer
Watch as it slips through your hands
Like water

Or is to be a woman to be like water?
To be the wilderness of
Rivers and oceans

Hemingway notes “la mar”
The feminization or,
Demasculization of language
To show
The wild

Are you a sea that is well-behaved?
Calm but breezy
Helpful and sunny
Mermaids and venus
Have risen …

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Speaking with Poetry Judge Eileen Myles

E. Rhodes

As our submission period wrap up & we review submissions for our contest period, our genre editors 
Below, Poetry Editor E. Rhōdes speaks with our judge.

ER: How do you incorporate your conception of feminism into your work?

Eileen Myles: Luckily it’s not very conceptual. I was born female and noticed almost immediately that females didn’t get a very good deal. My feminism has been evolving all my life. I definitely wanted …

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I Do Not Have to Tell You This

Carolina VonKampen

I do not think I belong with #MeToo.

I do not have stories as deep and dark as these.

I sheltered myself. I heard stories. I heard how my family talked about my cousin, pregnant in high school: “So embarrassing.” I didn’t like people anyway; I liked books; I stayed in my room and read. I did not go to parties. I did not have friends. I …

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