Speaking With Robin Richardson

Madeleine Wattenberg

Robin Richardson is the author of two collections of poetry, including Sit How You Want forthcoming with Vehicule Press. She is also Editor-in-Chief at Minola Review. In this post, assistant blog editor, Madeleine Wattenberg, speaks with her about unsympathetic poetry, the value of ugliness, and the relationship between written and visual art.

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Bulletproof: Thoughts on Pain and Parenting

Sally Bishop Shigley

Which leaves me with this question: where is the line between helping your child be a socially competent citizen who can have a tooth filled or a vaccination without a struggle and teaching your child (your girl) directly, or through example, that her pain is less important than her ability to withstand it? The answer is not in the way that I was taught to experience pain.

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So to Speak’s 2016 Contests Now Open

Holly Mason

Judges Nancy Sausser, Natalie Diaz, Laura Ellen Scott, and Kerry Howley. Winners in each genre will receive a $500 prize, publication in the print journal, and 2 copies of the prize issue.

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Review of Zeina Hashem Beck’s 3arabi Song

Danielle Badra

Zeina Hashem Beck’s  3arabi Song won the 2016 Rattle Chapbook Prize. Of which Rattle says, “This little book will break your heart then mend it.” You can order the book here.

Reviewed here by So to Speak’s Poetry Editor Danielle Badra


Zeina Hashem Beck’s 3arabi Song is a testament to the most …

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