Artwork By Marissa Zarrabzadeh

Marissa Zarrabzadeh

These works are my way of understanding, healing, and resisting. They are specific to my experiences, understandings, and interpretations of past trauma, nightmares, vivid dreams, insomnia, and anxiety. They have become my weapon and my strength. A way of connecting with other artists (and non-artists, too) actively resisting through their work. For me that means a place to support and be supported, to not feel or be silenced, to listen and be heard.I want to deconstruct all of the social expectations of what I should or shouldn’t be based on my body, and this is how I do that. Creating these works is the fire that gives me strength to push forward.

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After Hours: Social Rituals

Christina Girardi

Girardi explores the visual and social subjects of the bar through drawings done on site and photographs taken from nights out, happy hours, or simply among the gathering of friends at local bars. Through these drawings, Girardi attempts to mimic and recollect setting, sound, blocks of color, and interaction of the aesthetics surrounding these memories created through the social habits of today’s young urban population.

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Review of Dana Levin’s Banana Palace

Cloud Spurlock

Reviewed by Cloud Spurlock 

Dana Levin is an accomplished contemporary poet having published four books of poetry in under 20 years. In the Surgical Theatre earned her the 1999 American Poetry Review/Honickman First Book Prize, chosen by Louise Gluck. Copper Canyon Press published Wedding Day in 2005, Sky Burial in 2011, and her most recent book Banana Palace in 2016. Levin is largely anthologized for both …

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Speaking with Lisa Ludwinski: Owner of Sister Pie

Holly Mason

The idea that you can separate politics from your daily life suggests, to me, a level of privilege that presents an issue in our country today. It’s this sort of “not my problem!” kind of mentality that leaves the disenfranchised still yearning to be free, to be equal, to be respected. I unapologetically exclaim my feminist and political ideals because I think it’s important to keep our voices alive – for ourselves and for others. Because we’ve developed a loyal following of pie lovers, we have opportunity to be open with our customers about how the political climate affects not only us and our employees, but the environment, the economy, etc. It feels like a chance to be heard, and we’ll take it.

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Out On This Red Edge: A Lyric Essay by Abby Minor

Abby Minor

In any case, who would think of the room at home where I used medicine to miscarry, July light in the curtains, bee balm and sunflowers at the foot of the bed? You hear the frogs (you never see them) as sugar-pains tapped out, tapping. The funny thing about storytelling is, leaving things out is very important.

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