Carry On

Artist’s Statement

I am a cis-woman, but I try as much as my understanding allows to speak about feminist issues from the broadest perspective possible. Obviously, my works are reflections on things that have happened either directly to me or to my close ones; but when I think about the essence at play in the actions that I try to denounce in my art, I try to erase disparity to make sure the works can have a broader impact on the public.


“Carry On” by Anne Cecile Surga (San Sebastian, 2017, Carrara Marble & Wood, 45 x 85 x 30 cm)

Anne Cecile Surga is a French marble sculptor living and working in the south of France near the Spanish border. She established her atelier 5 years ago and has since then exhibited and won prizes internationally. Some exhibitions she participated in are “Gender and Freedom” 3rd Belgrade Expended Media Triennial, Serbia in 2016, and “Endangered Bodies” School of Arts and Humanities, University of Lisbon, Portugal in 2018. She will participate in the first group show of Fatale Art Gallery in Montreal in 2019. She won the YICCA Prize in Roma, Italy in 2017, as well as the Mary Beth Gutkowski Scholarship this year.

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