A Burst of Butterflies

The veil of ignorance can prevent us from knowing who we are. But we owe it to ourselves to explore our potential and seize our power. This is especially true

The Identity that Immigration Built

We are pleased to announce that the So to Speak Blog’s Immigration Limited Series is now open for submissions. Please read our submission guidelines and submit your pieces on Submittable. To

100 Lies

(“Just remember: what you’re seeing and what you’re reading is not what’s happening.” Donald J. Trump)   1. The sun continues to rise in the west, just as it always

Me Too Series Header

The #MeToo Movement and the Future

When the #MeToo movement achieved mainstream visibility and global reach last year, the entire team of So to Speak wanted to be a supportive and active part of the campaign. Our

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#MeToo. Now What? | Jenny Fan Raj

How might we turn a hashtag into lasting social change?   The revelations keep coming, descriptions of sexual harassment and assault both disgusting and horrifyingly familiar. Amid the ongoing maelstrom

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FAULT(S) | Sam Deges

I still remember my lessons. I don’t have enough earthquake to break apart these fault lies, shake off the charm school quiet.   The first time I told my parents

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The Modern Farmer | Laura Allen

Oh father how you crowd so close in this cold barn. How you sweat at fences and your breaking ice for horses.

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It’s the Little Things | Bev Fesharaki

My nickname, scrawled on the picture of a naked woman on her knees. The shame. Little things.     It’s the chubby fourth grade boy who hollered “fat four eyes”.